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The Rotas Gastronómicas project and idea started in 2006 when we started to create the first gastronomic recipes website.


Since then, several people have collaborated in the introduction of recipes during all these years so that it was possible to reach the goal of more than 4000 recipes.


Initially the recipes were linked to the tourist information website (Touristic Routes), moving to the Gastronomias website) and finally to the current version.


The initial idea that only in this edition was possible to achieve, is to relate the restaurants to the recipes and the recipes to the restaurants, thus being able to find the restaurant where you can taste the recipe.


A new way of publicizing and presenting restaurants.


All restaurants are geolocated as well as the specialties they serve, making it possible to present the options of dishes within a radius of 50 km and at the same time inform which restaurant serves them.


The receipts


We decided to divide the recipes into 3 types, gastronomy, teas, drinks
Within gastronomy, we decided not only to create the different families of dishes, but also to group the recipes by the main ingredients.


In teas, we decided to group for the medicinal benefits


Drinks are grouped by types and subtypes of drinks for easier consultation.


The Social Blog
With the intention of creating a social life and a social network, we created a social space where they can comment, share gastronomic experiences and learn about the experiences of others.



A work developed by:
Antonio Martins - Programming
Paulo Garcia - Design and programming


Abigail Flausino
Angela Martins
Among many others


We hope you enjoy our work