Teas that help in the treatment of swelling

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Marapuama Tea

Marapuama is a medicinal plant, from the Amazon, Brazil, whose name means “potent wood”, and is popularly known for its aphrodisiac properties. Rich in arachidic, lignoceric, behenic acids, campesterol, essential oils, alkaloids, ester and phytosterols, it is used as a "remedy" in cases of sexual impotence, erection difficulties, increasing libido. It is a stimulating tea that promotes sensuality and sensitivity of the senses! In addition, it improves circulation, and can be used to treat several other diseases such as: intestinal disorders, beriberi, depression, weakness, flu, worms, hair loss, rheumatism, memory loss, swelling, cellulite, depression, weakness, anemia , flu, hair loss, rheumatism, stress, memory loss and to stop diarrhea. ... View more »

Mixed tea, Burdock, Fennel, Horsetail

This tea has anti-inflammatory, diuretic and healing properties that when used together, these herbs and the root, have their potentiated effects. This homemade tea helps to complement the clinical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, because they have anti-inflammatory, diuretic and calming properties that decrease pain, swelling and inflammation, improving quality of life. ... View more »