Teas to help with weight loss

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Fenugreek tea and artichoke

This tea helps to satiate the appetite, to loosen the intestine and to accelerate the metabolism, favoring the burning of the fat and helping in the retention of fluids, and its diuretic action, helps to lose weight and to deflate. ... View more »

Hibiscus, lemon and cinnamon tea

These teas have a strong detox, diuretic and purifying power as they combine hibiscus tea, which increases kidney function, with lemon juice and cinnamon, which have strong antioxidant power. ... View more »

Mixture of hibiscus tea, white tea, gorse

The mix of these teas, white with hibiscus and gorse is a great natural detoxifier. Because it collaborates a lot in the elimination of toxins and fat, besides providing improvement in the functioning of the intestine. It is a great ally in weight loss. ... View more »

Cherry feet tea

Cherry is rich in several nutrients and minerals such as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, flavonoids, lipids, potassium, beta-carotene, anthocyanin, tannins, potassium salts and silicon derivatives contribute to the proper functioning of the body and make this tea an advisable drink for the treatment of combating insomnia, digestive health, stress, muscle pain, and helps to protect the heart from free radicals, improving the health of the arteries. In addition to being a great source of energy, due to the presence of tannins in its composition, improving mood and disposition, in addition to being able to help with weight loss. ... View more »

Ora-pro-nobis tea

Ora-pro-nobis has a high content of proteins, fibers, vitamins A, C, B complex, calcium, iron and phosphorus, among many of its benefits, are: Assist in weight loss, as it promotes satiety due to the high fiber content , improves bowel function, prevents anemia, strengthens
teeth and bones. ... View more »